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The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death
-- Time, Pink Floyd


A lot has happened since May. I'm currently located in Jakarta, travelled around the country with Lia. Good times. Downside: when we returned from Bali late last month, Indonesia's COVID numbers spiked dramatically. So.. stuck in another lockdown for now. We're ok though. No worries.


I thought many times about ditching the whole Apple eco-system and going for an alternative. But then, once in a while, I have to use Android for a project and nope, I'm not gonna switch anytime soon. Just doesn't click with me. And I'd rather depend on Apple to handle my data than Google or a project like Next Cloud that just makes me feel like I'm a 24/7 sysadmin.


Ah Figma. It was too good to be true. Flying under the subscription radar for the past 4 years was easy with my small project scopes. Looks like that's a thing of the past. *sigh*..


Didn't expect to run a cronjob on my Raspberry Pi to test and reset the ethernet connection if necessary. But there we go. For some unexplainable reason it just drops eth0 or the IP address after some time. No log entry. No power issue. It's just gone until it's restarted. But, mea culpa: the Pi was never meant to run important stuff. And we should internalise that, deeply.


It has been a year since I started deploying my projects on a small, self hosted CapRover cluster (1 controller, 2 workers). Perfect for the scale I'm working at. Even though I only use it to launch Docker images I build on another server - but it just works. Even simple stuff like Dokku occasionally just broke out of nowhere. Something I haven't experienced with CapRover so far. And having the option to scale just "feels" better, in the end.


Subspace: So far the best WireGuard Web UI Admin solution I was able to find (and I've tried a lot of them). Runs on Raspberry Pi, too.


SEO has a bad rep because there are countless "SEO agencies" that do nothing but funnel money from businesses that have no idea what they actually pay for. At best, it changes something. At worst, it's expensive, useless voodoo. For everybody looking for someone to do their SEO: Google "SEO for Dummies", read it and you already know 80% of what's important, for free..


All the songs of "Space Night" (BR late night TV program of yesteryear) compilations on Spotify: Check it out.


Finally get a shot at implementing something I was looking forward to for a very long time now: NextJS + sanity.io + CommerceJS + Stripe. This should be fun. In other news: also finally got around to building an RSS feed on this very NextJS page with content provided from sanity.io.


Fresh and new: the genox.ch microblog. Everything that isn't important enough to write an entire article about but still needs to be put out there. Soon: RSS.

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