VSCode: The small pains

Visual Studio Code has come a long way since I first started to use it in early 2017. It's fast and responsive, I can style it to my convenience (e.g. font sizes in the drawer etc). And it supports almost everything I need on a daily basis: TS, styled components, Angular, React, a bit of PHP now and then. But there's some things that are tickling my nerves big time:

  • Automatic Typescript imports, automatic import of npm modules. This is something that changes almost from release to release. Sometimes it works great, other times it randomly doesn't work. Doesn't like mono repos at all (yes, I tried the plugins).
  • IntelliSense: - cmd+click on methods, method preview. For some reason, since the last update, when cmd+clicking on a method, VSC opens the type definition instead of the file containing the method. I don't know why.
  • High CPU usage. I probably spent more than a day in the past year to find out which plugin just randomly strangulates the vscode helper process to 100%, then removing it. I'm tired of detective work.

Those are basically the most annoying issues I deal with at this point in time. As I mentioned above, there's at least something that feels annoying with each new release and I simply can't have that with a tool I use for 8 hours daily. I was giving VSCode the benefit of the doubt for almost a year, but my conclusion is: It's not a mature product yet. Maybe MS uses this project to test the waters for their coming move of Office apps to Electron, I don't know. But it just feels too clunky. There's always something that doesn't work, something that's annoying the hell out of me, flaring up my OCD.. wether it be one of the things from my list or something else that randomly pops up.

Might as well install WebStorm again and see what changed on their end.

Photo by Ilija Boshkov on Unsplash

Published: 07/27/2018

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