rm -rf social_media*

I am going to delete all my social media accounts in the next few days. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so forth. Was thinking long and hard about this, but it's the best way forward. I could just delete all the apps first, but hell, why bother. Time to cut the middle man and continuing defragmentation. Or to put it in more elaborate terms: bye bye bitches. Hehe.

Don't get me wrong, social media is great for outreach. But I guess I don't want to reach out. In fact, I had to force myself taking part in this.. It was all cool when I was a bit younger and the concept was new, but being in it for what, 10 years now, I can't see any value any more. My social media accounts are deserts of stale content and out of date information, so why bother.

I will continue to suggest to business owners to use social media to their advantage. But it's not for me. I don't buy into that whole self-marketing bullshit. I'm also not interested in most of what people post over there. Most of it is, in fact, self-marketing. If you're running a startup it might help to get you some leads and exposure, but .. that's not really going to turn your business into the machine you want it to be, if you don't fully lean into creating engaging content. That's a full time job. Hell, when I learned that there's that thing called being a "social media influencer" and all the Instagram zombies showing off their sixpacks and training bras, I started to question the entire thing. That was years ago.. didn't had much time to think about it since, but catched up, luckily. :-)

I think social media affected my blogging as well. Instead of thinking about topics and writing down my thoughts - mostly for me because who gives a shit, anyways - I ended up having to use that small form factor content format that social media is and .. it's just not enough room for proper writing.

I know, comparing social media to blogging is comparing apples with oranges. But I only have energy to care about one thing and I sure as hell don't care about food pictures taken with a crappy phone.

To those who think people will not be able to "find" them anymore: Imagine, if you think you are only in touch with people due to a social network, maybe it's time to rethink the value proposition on a whole. Like, you know, if someone's not careing enough to call you up or send you an email, maybe it's not worth investing more time into this anyways.

To get some oversaturated view on social media, maybe you should watch Black Mirror's first episode of season 3 :-) - I know it's a bit too heavy but.. you know.. never say never *cough*TRUMP*cough*...

As for consuming social media. I noticed that I was following so many people I don't even know personally and read their stuff wether it makes sense or not. And lately with all the hate boiling up around the Trump thing I have to say, NO, I don't need that invading my private life 24/7. I have my opinion about this guy (not good) and that's it. And I sure as hell don't need the hate bubble surrounding it.

Blogging vs Social Media. I don't think I would post personal feelings on any social media platform. Simply because me posting that isn't me needing input from anyone. Compare it to blogging. When I think back to how many articles I wrote that deeply reflected my belief system. I wouldn't do that in social media. However, blogging about something like that is completely different. It's my own realm and even tho it is publicly available, I don't send 300 people a note instantly that i just figured out something. Like that the Cesar salad is great. If someone's at all interested in my life, he or she can get the memo on my blog or ask me in person, without me bothering everyone I ever added that I don't like friggin' wireless lightbulbs or enjoy binge watching Netflix series (especially Marvel).

Unfortunately I see that a lot of people moved away from personal blogging to simply dropping fragments of their life on Facebook and twitter. I think this is a sad development.

So long and thanks for all the fish. It wasn't much more than that.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Published: 02/06/2017

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