Hospital surfing

The docs tell me it's directly related to the episode I had in spring, where I spent 2 weeks in hospital due to a hematolysis. Apparently, during a hematolysis, the liver works overtime to get rid of all the dead blood cells, thus creating a lot of waste material that is subsequently stored as gall in the gall bladder. The chemical composition is out of balance though, causing stones (salts) to form there in. If those stones decide to move, that's when you start to feel pain. If they get stuck, that's when you start to cry like a baby and vomit and end up on the emergency station.

I had 3 stays this time around: the first time, they removed the blocking stones and inserted a stent into the bile duct. Because the blocked bile duct caused bile and other digestive liquids to backflow to the gall bladder and pancreas, I got pancreatitis which is very painfu. Technically, my pancreas started to digest itself. That would have been fun. But they got in under control by giving me as much liquid as possible for the tissue to basically be flooded. Apparently that helped. At this point, it was decided that my gall bladder needs to be removed during a planned surgery, as soon as my pancreatitis was no longer an -itis. And a few weeks after that, the stent was to be removed, too.

So I went home and ended up back in the emergency room, roughly one and a half weeks after I left the hospital because my gall bladder seemed to be hurting and I received an emergency surgery. Apparently it was an acute gall bladder inflammation. That was the worst pain I experienced so far in my life.. and apparently the thing was about to burst and you know what that would have meant.. So again, one week in the hospital on heavy pain killers, antibiotics and so on. Got an appointment for the planned removal of the stent and went back home.

One week later, I was again sitting down on a chair in the emergency station of the local hospital because the stent was causing a lot of pain, with every move of the body, including my digestive system working. No planned routine operations for me, another 5 days on IV and hospital food.

All in all, I have to say that I'm thankful that the medical service works and that I didn't end up dead after something trivial like a stone blocking a bile duct.

On the other hand, this entire episode, including spring, caused me to be exhausted, slightly depressed and kind of disillusioned. Thankfully my family doctor also figured out that I've a big lack of calcium, vitamin D, B12 and iron. Something like one fourth of what it's supposed to be. That certainly didn't help and was probably a cause of the large doses of Prednisone I had to take for 6 months. Of course, all the Corona stuff didn't help either. There have been quite a few weeks this year where I basically didn't make it out of bed and I'm sure I've blasted my hours spent on YouTube out of earth's orbit.

Let's hope that this was it for now. Don't fancy reliving that.

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

Published: 09/01/2020

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