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Why I won’t buy a new iPhone anytime soon

I’ve been quite enthusiastic about iPhones, since the first one was released. I think the product reached its peak industrial design with the iPhone 5. the size is comfortably compact, the case is sturdy and resilient to impacts, it's functional and doesn't need a rubber case. The borders are made of metal - it takes a punch.

I went straight to an iPhone 6s from my 4s and was able to literally witness the decay in real time. The glass bevels died first, the lens on the back got cracked soon after. Once the battery was due for a replacement, I bought an iPhone SE and never regretted it. After all the performance was on par and the form factor was much closer to my personal sweet spot. And then there was the price. For almost 1/2 the price of a then current iPhone 10 flagship I got all the features I need.

I can’t justify shelling out 800 to 1000 dollars for a smart phone. It’s simply too expensive for what it does. It’s not easily repairable, it’s made of … glass … it’s too big for one handed use, too slippery. It’s a fashion object. I want a long lasting device to get things done and the aesthetics of pure functionality and sturdiness is actually something I quite like.

I am disappointed by Apple. I dread the point in time when I need to buy a new MacBook Pro - it’s far from „Pro“ these days. I hoped for two years to witness a new revision of the SE, just to be disappointed.

Yet I’m heavily invested in the eco system and still think iOS is more fun to use than android. Everything just works. I don’t care about the limitations much. It does what it is designed for. The hardware is a completely different topic, though. So I have to choose between google, whom I don’t trust, some Chinese Brands I don’t trust either or spend an insane amount of money for features I don’t need. Last time I checked, the fairphone 3 didn't offer a stripped down version of Android either, as they did with the fairphone 2.

On the other hand, I'm locked in, now that I own an Apple Watch. Apple, you really don't make it easy for me. Things changed after Jobs.