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Utter reset

Since the start-up took off, I haven't had much time to write. And even less time to care about some CMS or blogging web app to be up to date and managed. Which is why I'm now using GHOST. I'm getting old..

Unfortunately, I couldn't import my old blog posts but maybe that's for the best. Time to wipe the slate clean and leave the old ramblings where they belong, somewhere in a .tar.gz dump of a MySQL database to rot for the next decades.

I have a lot of thoughts that I'd like to share about this and that, right now I feel like doing this again on a regular basis. When I think back, the whole blogging thing was great to gain a bit of introspection.. It's a rather selfish act and I really don't care if anyone reads this or not.

Ed.: Irony hits hard. Back to WordPress..