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The train wreck that is American politics

Disclaimer: I’m not American.

It’s so surreal, it’s impossible to look away. And even the most insignificant media outlets know that. So no matter what happens, no matter what you read or watch, you will hear or read about the latest bucket of oil that was thrown into the dumpster fire that is the current presidency (and the system as a whole) of the United States. It seems so surreal and out of place that people can’t shut up about it. The opposite of normality. This has nothing to do anymore with politics. It’s sensationalism, soap opera, live streamed human sadness with a live twitter feed attached. It’s something originating from the realm of fiction. It’s maybe even mass manipulation? I wish there was a way to shut this off. Filter by keyword. mv /dev/null. Just.. make it stop. Return to boredom please, boring long winded politics. Oh how I came to appreciate the long winded, boring political process here (Switzerland) during the past 2 years.

The first thing that came to my head when I heard that Trump was actually elected was the movie Idiocracy. Meanwhile, I think it’s a global, political disaster that will hopefully be remembered. The sad thing however.. I think.. is to watch how utterly and obvious selfishness, opportunism and narcissism is part of the political system that seems to be too big to fail. And that doesn’t stop right below the top brass, which makes it even worse. I reckon the need for certain personality traits in politicians, but there’s something like a threshold, even for that.

I secretly hope for a collapse of such a system, if just to see new ideas sprouting in its ashes. Better to have a sad ending than endless sadness. For a while I thought that meritocracy might be a good replacement (or an evolutionary step) for democracy, but I’m not so sure anymore that it pans out in the long run.

You don’t need to be a political scholar to sense the increase of hate and violence that even trickles down to Europe. The madness overseas seems to have triggered something deep down in frustrated souls, where the system Trump acts as a role model. A system that puts blame before consensus, focuses on things that set us apart rather than the things connecting us (on every level). A system that allows “alternative facts” (oh for fuck’s sake..). And a realisation how easily large parts of a population can be manipulated by words of power and might, as long as they offer a tangent to associate their own problems and worries and somehow, irrationally, offer relief. Or a feeling of “being cared for” in a society that seemingly lost all empathy. A return to the sociological level of cavemen and tribes. Or have we ever left that state, anyways? Not so sure anymore.