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So.. what exactly are you doing?

Blessed be the simple job descriptions. It's usually quite painful to explain to someone what I do. To the point where it becomes questionable for everyone listening wether it's actually true..

First and foremost, the way I work is: I need to do A, in order to get A done, I need to learn skillset B. So I go ahead and lean into B, to the point where I have a solid understanding and can start to get the job done. And from then on, it's trial and error. The added bonus is: if B is something that I'm interested in anyways, it's actually fun!

This includes everything from IT to graphic design, programming, photography, databases, CAD, hardware prototyping, 3D modelling, media production, managing servers and hosting platforms, business stuff, production management and so on. All of that at some point contributed more or less to me making a living. Either as a self employed worker, at a company or as a freelancer. Look at my Linked In profile. It's utterly confusing.

I would never consider myself an expert in any of these fields. There's plenty of specialists that can easily kick my ass. But this broad range of skills come in handy when you have to link certain fields together, with a certain healthy distance and not too much details to worry about. I have a solid enough understanding to focus on the big picture.

This becomes clear to me now that I'm working with large international companies that are basically huge colonies of highly specialised worker ants - hard to find anybody with a broad view of what's going on, usually. And the coordination ants have no idea what the tech ants are talking about. The recipe for inefficiency, millions of dollars wasted and mediocre output.

What this means is that I'd probably be suited pretty well for management.. Oh my.. :-P