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I rarely get around to gaming these days. But Battleborn was quite the exception. I loved Borderlands, the humour resonates quite well with me. Since Battleborn is roughly based on the same kind of funny dialogue and quirky characters, I was able to connect very quickly.

My brother and me spent hours playing through Borderlands 2 and all the DLC in co-op mode together and it was again fun to do the same in Battleborn's story mode. It's not really the same but .. still a lot of fun.

The story mode consists of a couple of missions that are not linear in the sense that you'd need to finish one in order to finish the others. Each one has it's own map, story and objectives. Only the last mission - the peak of saving the universe - depends on the other missions being done.

Really loved the intro and cut sequences visual style. 80s style sci-fi cartoons.

Can't get into the whole competitive mode gameplay tho. Just not my thing. There's always the 12 year old nagging about and spreading utter idiocy.. Don't need that. Why is there always at least one jerk in a team of 5 players? I could dedicate an entire post alone on that topic. The jerkery in today's multiplayer games is just extraordinary. Which is why I prefer to play co-op with people I like. Much more fun.

Their end-game is clearly the "MOBA meets FPS" thing. But I hope they come up with a few more co-op missions along the way.

All in all, makes for a couple very funny hours!