Aluminium hats

While putting down my thoughts in the previous article I remembered a discussion I had with someone about Zero Point Energy and the conspiracy theory surrounding it.

That was what led me originally to stumble over the Anti Zensur Koalition, a congress held annually in Switzerland where speakers present their theories. Of course you don’t go there to discuss, you go there to have your existing opinion underlined.

They provide a platform for all the people that nobody else listens to. It is where I found a video from a guy rationalising the ZPE conspiracy while googling. Obviously you can find a speaker for every trait of the current catalogue of conspiracy theories. From the UFOs that land on pyramids, to 9/11, to the war in Syria (geopolitics offer a lot of meat) and so on. But also peculiar topics like vaccination, sex ed in school and other borderline religious topics covered underneath a pseudoscientific framework that reeks of self-dramatisation. Oh, another narcissist trait. What gives..

This network is built entirely by this guy. Also includes a riff on the new age Christian movement, a sect (sorry, “closely knit living community”) as well as an educational web TV channel for children (!!) explaining Russian geopolitics (!!!) and how Putin is a great guy (!!!!!).

I wonder where all the cash comes from. I’m obviously in the wrong business.

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