Music and Noise

Spent a large chunk of my late teens up to my late twenties fiddling with synth knobs (software). All my EPs that don’t cause ear bleeding are listed below. Mostly non-danceable, underengineered electronic music. aka noise. There’s a few archives floating around on if you’re really masochistic and want to delve into my MOD and XMs from 20 years ago.

I’m not that active anymore, but that might change, who knows. Anyways, I decided to move the stuff to soundcloud because it’s much more convenient for you to listen to than to download ZIP files – and it seems that all my tracks on vanished at some point. Well, there you go, kids.


We were doing some crazy things in the 90ties and the 00s, like coding real time visuals without chraging 280$ an hour. 😉 I was part of a few demogroups, most of which haven’t been active for a very, very long time. You might find some stuff on the web.

Here’s my favorite from Calodox, for which I also had he honour of contributing the soundwave madness:

For stalking, go to and browse for CALODOX(CDX), VANTAGE(VTG), Phaze:Shipht(PHS). That should provide a massive blast into the past.

Was also active from around 2005 to [the end] as an organiser for BUENZLI/DEMODAYS in Switzerland, the one and only demoscene party.

Browse YouTube for some insane demoscene productions.


Before there was the internet, there was the BBS scene, where we uploaded our XM and MOD music files for all the other nerds to download. There were programs distributed for the sole purpose of playing music on DOS. Imagine that. 😛

But as soon as MP3 basically revoloutionized the way how music was being distributed, the first thing we did was clog together, release music on the internet for free, even before Creative Commons was born as an idea. Unfortunately all of this stuff is long gone. One netlabel I founded with a few friends was called “NEW SOUND EXPERIENCE” or NSP as was the common shortform.

There is even some stuff on go back 15 years